Abstracts of the 27th Annual Meeting of the Gait and Clinical Movement Analysis Society

DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2022

Authors: Sylvia Õunpuu, Kristan Pierz, Jennifer Rodriguez-MacClintic
Title: Understanding Kinematic Relationships Within and Across Planes of Motion
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2022_tutorial1
Authors: Kathryn Reilly, Richard S. Feinn, Juan C. Garbalosa
Title: Impact of neurocognitive loading and limb dominance on hip and knee kinematics in a single-leg crossover hop
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2022_5
Authors: Maxwell L Albiero, Wesley Kokott, Cody Dziuk, Janelle A Cross
Title: Relationships between hip strength and pitching biomechanics in adolescent baseball pitchers
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2022_17
Authors: Sophia Ulman, Alex Loewen, Ashley L. Erdman, Ross Chafetz, Tishya A. L. Wren, Kirsten Tulchin-Francis
Title: Modeling the trunk for sports testing in a motion capture lab: marker placement segment definition and tracking
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2022_41
Authors: Eric L. Dugan, Sierra Hastings, Joshua T. Weinhandl
Title: Differences in the non-sagittal knee moment vector-field between land and cut maneuvers and drop landings
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2022_45
Authors: Allisa Barber, Cody Dziuk, Jessica M Fritz, Janelle A Cross
Title: Biomechanical differences between consecutive landings of a drop vertical jump task in collegiate aged females
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2022_48
Authors: Caden Robertson, Brecca Gaffney, Hana Durkee, Laura Singer-Fox, Joanna Roybal, Sharon Funk, Marilyn Manco-Johnson, James Carollo, Beth B Warren
Title: Ground Reaction Force Asymmetry during Simulated Sports Activities to Better Understand Hemophilic Arthropathy
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2022_63
Authors: Sylvia Õunpuu, Kristan Pierz, Gyula Acsadi, Tishya Wren
Title: The impact of time on ankle function in children with Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2022_8
Authors: Stephanie Butler, Chris Church, Christina Bouranta, John Henley, L Reid Nichols, Freeman Miller, Jose de Jesus Salazar-Torres
Title: The Effectiveness of Serial Casting in the Treatment of Recurrent Equinovarus in Children with Arthrogryposis
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2022_9
Authors: Tasos Karakostas, Ana-Marie Rojas, Jill Larson, Luciano Dias
Title: The effect of ankle-foot-orthosis on loading of the uninvolved extremity in children with hemiplegic cerebral palsy
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2022_50
Authors: Melissa Scales, Srikant Vallabhajosula
Title: Immediate and 6-week effects of using carbon fiber footplates on gait in children with idiopathic toe-walking
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2022_65
Authors: Joseph Dranetz, Michael Carroll, Matthew Antonucci, Hwan Choi
Title: Non-Linear Ankle Foot Orthosis Stiffness in Musculoskeletal Models
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2022_73
Authors: Valerie J. Eberly, Walter B Weiss, Jeffery W Rankin, Sara J Mulroy
Title: Comparison of three AFO designs on walking function average daily steps and AFO preference in individuals post-stroke
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2022_76
Authors: Tishya Wren, Veronica Beltran
Title: Differences in pelvis kinematics using iliac crest markers compared with anterior superior iliac spine
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2022_19
Authors: John Henley
Title: Simple Check of Knee Flexion Extension Axis
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2022_29
Authors: Sue E Sohrweide, Andrew Georgiadis
Title: It's all in the moment
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2022_36
Authors: Kelsey Hideshima, Jon R. Davids, Anita Bagley, Sean Brown
Title: Quantitative Assessment of Dynamic Limb Length and Toe Clearance Utilizing Joint Sensitivity Analysis
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2022_55
Authors: Aidan Loh, Tim Bhatnagar, Harpreet Chhina, Jeffrey Bone, Brittany Lim, Lise Leveille, Anthony Cooper
Title: Comparing different methods of measuring leg lengths in pediatric leg length discrepancy
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2022_75
Authors: Saaniya Farhan, Marco A. Avalos, Noah J. Rosenblatt
Title: Assessing Gait Variability During Treadmill Walking: is there a Hawthorne effect?
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2022_54
Authors: Alena Grabowski
Title: Should athletes using running-specific leg prostheses be allowed to compete in the Olympic Games?
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2022_keynote1
Authors: Jeremy Bauer, Jehan Hamid, Patrick Do
Title: Functional Outcomes of Femoral Derotational Osteotomies for Idiopathic Torsional Deformities Using 3D Gait Analysis
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2022_6
Authors: Alison Hanson, Tishya Wren, Robert Kay
Title: Long-term Changes in Pelvic Tilt after Hamstring Lengthening during Single Event Multilevel Surgery in Children with Cerebral Palsy
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2022_21
Authors: Jacob J. Schaefer, Tom F. Novacheck, Elizabeth R. Boyer
Title: How do psoas lengthening outcomes change after implementation of a machine learning algorithm decision-support tool?
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2022_30
Authors: Nancy Lennon, Chris Church, Theresa Chua, Jose Salazar-Torres, John Henley, Elizabeth Gillooly, Faithe Kalisperis, M. Wade Shrader, Freeman Miller, Jason Howard
Title: Is Standing and Transfer Function Improved after Orthopedic Surgery in Youth with CP at GMFCS Levels III/IV?
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2022_40
Authors: Marianne Gagnon, Mitchell Bernstein, Louis-Nicolas Veilleux
Title: Pre-and post-surgery outcomes following derotational osteotomy of the femur and/or tibia: preliminary results
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2022_80
Authors: Forouzan Foroughi, Donald Prible, Hao Yuan Hsiao
Title: Age-associated changes in vertical support strategy with increasing walking speed
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2022_31
Authors: Damon Mar, Bethany Wilson, Kyle Robinson, Peter Derman, Isador Lieberman, Kreg Gruben
Title: Quantifying postural control strategy reliance using force intersection point analysis among symptomatic degenerative spinal pathologies
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2022_37
Authors: Lauren A Luginsland, Justin A. Haegele, Hunter J. Bennett
Title: Lower extremity joint stiffness during running in adolescents with autism spectrum disorder
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2022_27
Authors: Ria Rao, Zoe Perkins, Maureen Dwyer, Cara Lewis
Title: Females with acetabular dysplasia and labral tears walk with decreased hip extension across time series
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2022_46
Authors: Marissa R. Lee, Jennifer L. Hicks, Tishya A. L. Wren, Scott L. Delp
Title: Independently ambulatory children with spina bifida experience near-typical joint loads during walking
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2022_18
Authors: Shou-Jen Wang, Thasina Tabashum, Karen Kruger, Joseph Krzak, Ross Chafetz, Judi Linton, Christina Bickley, Jon Davids, Anita Bagley, Mark V. Albert
Title: Developing a gait summary metric using an autoencoder
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2022_13
Authors: Pias Das, Beau Massingil, Wendy Hoogstra, Emily Jesser, Yunju Lee
Title: Quantifying concurrent validity of gait kinematics provided by XSens MVN IMU system
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2022_26
Authors: Tishya Wren, Pavel Isakov
Title: Comparison of Theia markerless vs. Conventional gait model
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2022_47
Authors: Timothy Niiler
Title: The hazards of bright line statistics in a world of uncertain data: a new twist on Holm’s method
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2022_84
Authors: Nicholas G. Gomez, MaryEllen Hunt, Andrew S. Merryweather
Title: Changes in whole-body and segmental angular momentum in persons with parkinson disease on an irregular surface
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2022_25
Authors: Stephen Glass, Grant Westbrook, Kevin Ratchford, Cameron Brummitt, Lane Wildman, Adrian Aron
Title: Effects of Global Sagittal Alignment on Postural Control Synergy in Relaxed Quiet Standing
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2022_28
Authors: Peter M. Quesada, Lily C. Thaman
Title: Impact of Instruction Type on Balance Strategy and Performance of Individuals on a Passively Unstable Surface
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2022_32
Authors: Alex Tagawa, Patricia Heyn, Zhaoxing Pan, James Carollo
Title: Is Overall Gait Performance Or Rate Of Force Development Associated With Fall History in Adults With Cerebral Palsy?
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2022_60
Authors: Tim Bhatnagar, Mona Behrouzian, Alec Black
Title: Comparing Markerless And Marker-Based Motion Capture Systems For Clinical Motion Analysis Of Children And Youth With Atypical Lower Limb Mobility
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2022_tutorial2
Authors: Gordon Alderink, Megan Henige, Jenny Sciezka, Nicole Wesley, David W Zeitler, Yunju Lee, Tonya Parker
Title: COP measures of postural sway during tandem stance under eyes open- and closed-conditions: a pilot study comparing non-contact sport athletes and football players
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2022_10
Authors: Batbayar Khuyagbaatar, Munkhbat Tumurbaatar, Tserenchimed Purevsuren, Yoon Hyuk Kim, Tsooj Shambaljamts, Danaa Ganbat
Title: Kinematic comparison between snatch and clean technique in weightlifting
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2022_11
Authors: Kelly Pogemiller, Dawn Roller, Erin Garibay
Title: Gender Comparison of Ground Reaction Force and Center of Mass during Overground Running in Typical Athletic Adolescents
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2022_66
Authors: Hanieh Pazhooman, Mohammed S. Alamri, Stephen S. Cobb
Title: Distal foot initial contact and peak angular velocity during running in runners with plantar heel pain
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2022_69
Authors: Ivett Quiñones-Urióstegui, Virginia Bueyes-Roiz, Leonardo E. Anaya-Campos, Paris J. Velasco-Acosta, Francisco Figueroa-Cavero, Diego Mirabent-Amor, Gabriel Vega-Martínez, J. Gilberto Franco-Sánchez
Title: Kinematics and muscular activation while performing roundhouse kick in Taekwondo elite athlete from Mexico City
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2022_74
Authors: Kevin C. Moreno-McManus, Ivett Quiñones-Urióstegui, Virginia Bueyes-Roiz, Leonardo E. Anaya-Campos, Paris J. Velasco-Acosta, Francisco Figueroa-Cavero, Diego Mirabent-Amor, Gabriel Vega-Martínez, J. Gilberto Franco-Sánchez
Title: The mechanical power that elite Taekwondo athletes generate while performing different kicks
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2022_81
Authors: Eric Dugan, Amy Barbuto, Jason Long, Alison Hanson
Title: Quality Assurance Practices in Clinical Gait Analysis
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2022_tutorial3
Authors: Sylvia Õunpuu, Kristan Pierz, Susan Rethlefsen, Tishya Wren
Title: Does computerized gait analysis add to the cost of care for children with cerebral palsy? An update
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2022_7
Authors: Yuqing Cao, Xiaotong Li, Zhenguo Cao, Andrew Merryweather, Hang Xu
Title: Gait improvement in patients with knee osteoarthritis after proximal fibular osteotomy
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2022_12
Authors: Karen M. Kruger, Adam Graf, Joseph Krzak, Ryan Smith, Brandon Steinlein, Judi Linton, Ross Chafetz, Jon R. Davids, Anita Bagley
Title: A multicenter study classifying sagittal plane gait deviations of children with cerebral palsy into clinically meaningful biomechanical phenotypes using a novel algorithm
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2022_33
Authors: Alex Loewen, Dr. Sophia Ulman, Ashley Erdman, Savannah Cooper, Kirsten Tulchin-Francis, Philip Wilson, Henry Ellis
Title: Effects of a medial unloader brace on gait mechanics in patients with osteochondritis dissecans
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2022_43
Authors: Mohammed S. Alamri, Hanieh Pazhooman, Stephen C. Cobb
Title: Multi-segment foot joint coordination variability in young adult runners with plantar heel pain
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2022_67
Authors: Yang Li, Shuyun Jiang, Yiying Li
Title: Effect of different severity of flexible flatfoot on walking function in school-age children
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2022_38
Authors: Nancy Scullion
Title: Pilot Study: Brace Evaluation in Children with Cerebral Palsy-A Case Series
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2022_53
Authors: Alexis Sidiropoulos, David Herlihy, Jason Maikos
Title: Continuous Inter-Limb Coordination and Stability in Veterans and Service Members with Transtibial Amputation
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2022_70
Authors: Sanghyun Nam, Vishnu D. Chandra, Gabriela De Carvalho, Francois Cote, Stephane Savard, Saikat Pal
Title: Effects of a passive ankle foot orthosis on ankle dorsiflexion in patients with classical foot drop
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2022_79
Authors: John Chomack, David Herlihy, Alexis Sidiropoulos, Jason Maikos
Title: Effects of Powered Ankle-Foot Prosthesis on Intact Knee Adduction Moment
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2022_82
Authors: Daveda Taylor, Nancy Lennon, Chris Church, John Henley, Jason Howard, Denver Kraft
Title: Upper Extremity Motion Analysis After Scapular Arthrodesis
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2022_14
Authors: Madison Lovette, Ross Chafetz, Stephanie Russo, Jamie Landgarten, Erica Johnson, Scott Kozin, Dan Zlotolow
Title: Shoulder Motion Overestimated from Clinical Mallet Scores
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2022_51
Authors: Ophelie Puissegur, Sophia Ulman, Heather Roberts, Angela Shierk, Alex Loewen, Ashley Erdman, Kirsten Tulchin-Francis
Title: Difference in bilateral upper limb muscle activation during the assisting hand assessement in children affected by unilateral cerebral palsy
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2022_56
Authors: R. Tyler Richardson, Stephanie A. Russo, Ross S. Chafetz, Spencer Warshauer, Emily Nice, Scott H. Kozin, Dan A. Zlotolow, James G. Richards
Title: Assessment of Upper Extremity Reachable Workspace in Children with Brachial Plexus Birth Injury
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2022_77
Authors: R. Tyler Richardson, Stephanie A. Russo, Ross S. Chafetz, Spencer Warshauer, Emily Nice, Scott H. Kozin, Dan A. Zlotolow, James G. Richards
Title: Evaluation of Upper Extremity Reachable Workspace in Children with Spastic Hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2022_78
Authors: Kat Steele
Title: Untangling control: Understanding the role of altered motor control on gait in cerebral palsy
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2022_keynote2
Authors: Jean L. Stout, Katie Walt, Andrew G. Georgiadis, Steven E. Koop, Elizabeth R. Boyer
Title: Evaluating family priorities by age using the Gait Outcomes Assessment List (GOAL) questionnaire
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2022_23
Authors: Eva Ciccodicola, Adriana Liang, Tishya A. L. Wren
Title: PODCI Scores within GMFCS Level in Individuals with Cerebral Palsy
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2022_57
Authors: Kathryn Walt, Jean Stout
Title: Utilization of activity monitoring and the goal questionnaire to enhance treatment recommendations: a case study.
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2022_49
Authors: Karen M. Kruger, Adam Graf, Joseph J Krzak, Ryan Smith, Brandon Steinlein, Judi Linton, Ross Chafetz, Jon Davids, Anita Bagley
Title: A multicenter study classifying transverse plane gait deviations of children with cerebral palsy into clinically meaningful biomechanical phenotypes using a novel algorithm
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2022_34
Authors: Lizabeth Bunkell
Title: Does Step Length Increase Following Surgical Correction for Equinus with a Concomitant Medial Hamstring Lengthening in Children with Hemiplegia?
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2022_61
Authors: Sylvia Õunpuu, Jennifer Rodriguez-MacClintic, Kelly Pogemiller, Kristan Pierz
Title: Orthopaedic surgical decision-making and evaluation: a case study for a child with cerebral palsy
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2022_71
Authors: Vishnu Deep Chandran, Sanghyun Nam, William A. Bauman, Saikat Pal
Title: Quantifying tibiofemoral joint forces using a subject-specific virtual simulator reproducing exoskeletal-assisted walking
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2022_42
Authors: Md Sanzid Bin Hossain, Zhishan Guo, Hwan Choi
Title: Estimating Ground Reaction Forces (GRF) and Lower Extremity Joint Moment in Multiple Walking Environment Using Deep Learning
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2022_52
Authors: Sepehr Ramezani, Hwan Choi
Title: Estimation of Muscletendon Parameters Using Optimization Algorithm
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2022_83
Authors: Eric Irani, Hwan Choi
Title: Deriving Gastrocnemius Moment Arm Using Motion Capture Ultrasound and Musculoskeletal Model
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2022_86
Authors: Sherry I Backus, Carole A Tucker
Title: Electromyography: What’s What and The Interpretation of Data
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2022_tutorial4
Authors: Silvia Zanini, Jona Kerluku, Andrew Maertens, Mark Drakos, Hayley Sacks, Scott Wolfe, Duretti Fufa, Sherry Backus
Title: Kinematics and strength outcomes following early combined nerve and tendon transfer versus tendon trasfer alone for foot drop after multi-ligamentous knee injury
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2022_59
Authors: Hank White, Joel Eastman, Jenn Evans, Sam Augsburger, Juanita Wallace, Scott Riley, Henry Iwinski
Title: Relationship between stereognosis and active range of motion for children with hemiplegia cerebral palsy
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2022_16
Authors: Joel Eastman, Hank White, Sam Augsburger, Juanita Wallace, Henry Iwinski, Scott Riley
Title: Development of a functional personal workspace in cerebral palsy children
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2022_20
Authors: Juanita Wallace, Joel Eastman, Hank White
Title: Using a Functional Personal Workspace to Measure Outcomes in Radial Head Fracture: A Case Study
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2022_58
Authors: Amy Shuckra, Bruce MacWilliams
Title: Gait analysis utility in functional gait disorder
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2022_64
Authors: Erica H. Hinton, Samuel Bierner, David Kingston, Nick Stergiou, Trisha Kesar, Brian Knarr
Title: Real-Time Biofeedback Increases Hip Extension Angle in Individuals After Stroke
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2022_22
Authors: Jean L. Stout, Katie Walt, Andrew G. Georgiadis, Steven E. Koop, Elizabeth R. Boyer
Title: The Gait Outcomes Assessment List (GOAL) Questionnaire demonstrates responsiveness to change post selective dorsal rhizotomy in children with cerebral palsy.
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2022_24
Authors: Ashley Erdman, Alex Loewen, Kirsten Tulchin-Francis, Henry Ellis, Philip Wilson, Sophia Ulman
Title: Asymmetric muscle activity in patients with patellofemoral instability
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2022_44
Authors: Alyssa M Spomer, Benjamin C Conner, Michael H Schwartz, Zachary F Lerner, Katherine M Steele
Title: Combined Audiovisual and Haptic Biofeedback Alters the Rate and Magnitude of Plantarflexor Adaptation in Cerebral Palsy
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2022_68