Abstracts of the 26th Annual Meeting of the Gait and Clinical Movement Analysis Society

DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2021

Authors: Darcy Reisman
Title: Step Activity in Persons with Chronic Stroke
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2021_breakfast1
Authors: M Wade Shrader, Nancy Lennon, Chris Church, Freeman Miller, John Henley, Faithe Kalisperis
Title: Gait and Functional Outcomes of Adults with Cerebral Palsy
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2021_151
Authors: Lauro Machado Neto , Guilherme Auler Brodt, Carolina Panizzon Santini
Title: Kinetic and kinematic repercussion of the hip during knee hyperextension gait in hemiplegic cerebral palsy
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2021_142
Authors: Frances Scheepers, Tim Bhatnagar, Karen Davies, Diane Wickenheiser, Alec Black, Christine Alvarez, Kishore Mulpuri, Lise Leveille
Title: Split tendon transfer of the posterior tibialis for spastic equinovarus foot deformity: does tendon routing impact post-operative ankle kinematics?
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2021_185
Authors: Justine Borchard, Wilshaw Stevens, Kelly Jeans, Kirsten Tulchin-Francis, Lane Wimberly
Title: Gait Profile Score of Children with Cerebral Palsy Can Differ Based on Normative Data from Different Institutions
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2021_163
Authors: Austin Skinner, Alex Tagawa, Wade Coomer, Jason Koerner, Lori Silveira, Sayan De, Jason Rhodes
Title: Effect of Split Posterior Tibialis Tendon Transfer on Foot Progression Angles in Children with Cerebral Palsy
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2021_164
Authors: Marianne Gagnon, Louis-Nicolas Veilleux, Mitchell Bernstein
Title: Perioperative management of a case of lower extremity torsional abnormalities undergoing derotational osteotomies
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2021_204
Authors: Eva Ciccodicola, Henry Lopez, Adriana Conrad-Forrest, Tishya Wren
Title: Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Walking Activity in Individuals with Cerebral Palsy
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2021_146
Authors: Ivett Quinones-Uriostegui, Virginia Bueyes-Roiz, Jose Luis Zavaleta-Ruiz, Gerardo Rodriguez-Reyes
Title: Kinematics evaluation of a 3d printed prosthetic hand
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2021_209
Authors: Kyle P. Chadwick, Susan A. Rethlefsen, Alison M. Hanson, Tishya A. L. Wren
Title: 1-segment to 2-segment foot model with one marker
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2021_148
Authors: Alison Hanson, Susan Rethlefsen, Kyle Chadwick, Tishya Wren
Title: 2-segment foot model: refining evaluation of club feet
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2021_145
Authors: Woohyoung Jeon, Lisa Griffin, Megan Bell, Hao-Yuan Hsiao
Title: Effect of initial foot position on postural responses to lateral perturbations during standing in younger and older adults
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2021_150
Authors: Ross Chafetz, Stephanie Russo, Ross Chafetz, Spencer Warshauer, James Richards, Jamie Landgarten, Dan Zlotolow, Kozin Scott
Title: Impact of tendon transfers on shoulder motion in children with brachial plexus injuries
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2021_191
Authors: Mark Riggle
Title: A Simple Neural Reward Circuit May Motivate Human Gait Development and Even Explain Cerebral Palsy Gaits
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2021_140
Authors: Virginia Bueyes-Roiz, Ivett Quiñones-Urióstegui, Jimena Quinzaños-Fresnedo
Title: Approach to the differences between kayaking in a virtual reality environment and real life
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2021_186
Authors: Ryan Hafner, Mukul Talaty, Ning Cao
Title: Implementation of 3D Printed Temporary Orthotics to Reduce Hospital-Acquired Injury in Acute Inpatient Stroke Rehabilitation
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2021_214
Authors: Ines Vandekerckhove, Marleen Van den Hauwe, Nathalie De Beukelaer, Anja Van Campenhout, Liesbeth De Waele, Nathalie Goemans, Kaat Desloovere
Title: Longitudinal alterations of gait features in growing boys with Duchenne muscular dystrophy
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2021_188
Authors: Margo Donlin, Kayla Pariser, Jill Higginson
Title: Stride-to-Stride Variability of Adaptive Treadmill Walking
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2021_166
Authors: Jackson Lordall, Alison Oates, Joel Lanovaz
Title: Data Collection Settings Influence Spatiotemporal Walking Parameters: Effects of Walking Speed and Participant Sex
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2021_173
Authors: Nicholas Prescott, Emma Pratt, Geraint Davies
Title: Comparing the reliability of assessments of anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) pathology
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2021_162
Authors: Cherice Hill, Daniel Schmitt, Wornie Reed, Shawn Arent, Laura Sands, Robin Queen
Title: Racial Differences in Running and Landing Mechanics
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2021_168
Authors: Sofia Simon-Trench, Adriana Conrad-Forrest, Tishya Wren
Title: Comparison of Lower Extremity Dexterity Between Limbs with and without Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2021_171
Authors: Christopher McGee, Cody Dziuk, Janelle Cross
Title: Wrist Kinematics and Ball Spin Rate in Adolescent Pitchers
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2021_181
Authors: Alex Loewen, Ashley Erdman, Kirsten Tulchin-Francis, Sophia Ulman
Title: Changes in lower extremity kinematics based on jump distance of a drop vertical jump
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2021_210
Authors: Kenton Kaufman
Title: What’s in your toolbox?
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2021_keynote1
Authors: Tessa Hulburt, Taylor Catalano, Kristen Nicholson
Title: Comparison of OnBaseU Tests with Pitching Motion Analysis in Youth Baseball Pitchers
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2021_190
Authors: Joshua Pahys , Amer Samdani , Steven Hwang , Spencer Warshauer , John Gaughan , Ross Chafetz
Title: Comparison of Trunk Kinematics at 6 and 24 months in Patients having Scoliosis Correction with Vertebral Body Tethering or Posterior Spine Fusion
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2021_192
Authors: R. Tyler Richardson, Stephanie Russo, Ross Chafetz, Spencer Warshauer, Emily Nice, Scott Kozin, Dan Zlotolow, James Richards
Title: Using Real-Time Feedback with Motion Capture to Measure Upper Extremity Workspace: a Preliminary Evaluation
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2021_175
Authors: R. Tyler Richardson, Stephanie Russo, Matthew Topley, Ross Chafetz, Scott Kozin, Dan Zlotolow, James Richards
Title: Assessment of Approaches to Estimate Scapular Orientation in Children with Brachial Plexus Birth Injury
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2021_176
Authors: Carolyn Taylor, Alex Drew, Yue Zhang, Yuqing Qiu, Kent Bachus, Heath Henninger, K Bo Foreman
Title: *Upper extremity prosthetic selection influences loading of transhumeral osseointegrated systems
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2021_6
Authors: Sara Klein, Kaufman Kenton
Title: Use of an instrumented mat for objective gait metrics of CNS disorders
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2021_147
Authors: Cherice Hill, Wornie Reed, Daniel Schmitt, Laura Sands, Shawn Arent, Robin Queen
Title: Racial Differences in Gait Mechanics
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2021_167
Authors: Richa Tripathi, Stewart A. Factor, Lucas McKay, Christine D. Esper, Douglas Bernhard, Svjetlana Miocinovic
Title: Long term impact of DBS on gait in PD: a Kinematic study
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2021_200
Authors: Eric Irani, Matthew Crawford, Sepehr Ramezani
Title: Deriving Muscle Pathway of the Gastrocnemius Using Motion Capture and Ultrasound for Musculoskeletal Modeling
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2021_211
Authors: Paramjyot Panesar, Anita Bagley, Ashok Kulkarni, Vedant Kulkarni
Title: Beware the transverse plane
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2021_156
Authors: Xiaotong Li, Hang Xu, Andrew Merryweather
Title: Biomechanical impact of hospital bed height at the egress of patient with parkinson disease
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2021_153
Authors: Andreas Skiadopoulos, Ka-Chun Siu, Mukul Mukherjee, Nick Stergiou
Title: Walking in a width-changing virtual corridor affects step width variability
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2021_159
Authors: Kirsten Tulchin-Francis, Wishaw Stevens Jr, Cristina Lopez, Heather Roberts
Title: Impact of Social Distancing and COVID19 Global Pandemic on Physical Activity in American Youth
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2021_180
Authors: Tishya Wren, Carole Tucker, Susan Rethlefsen, George Gorton, Sylvia Õunpuu
Title: *Clinical efficacy of instrumented gait analysis: systematic review 2019 update
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2021_73
Authors: Sylvia Õunpuu, Kristan Pierz, Jennifer Rodriguez-MacClintic
Title: Kinetics 101: Understanding Gait Pathology Treatment Decision Making
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2021_216
Authors: Tishya Wren, Mia Katzel, Curtis VandenBerg
Title: Comparison of injury risk factors between limbs with and without anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2021_170
Authors: Ashley Erdman, Alex Loewen, Kirsten Tulchin-Francis, Sophia Ulman
Title: Lower extremity analysis of the step down tap task: an assessment of methodology for a sports protocol
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2021_197
Authors: Sophia Ulman, Alex Loewen, Ashley Erdman, Kirsten Tulchin-Francis
Title: Lower extremity asymmetry increases based on provided instructions and target use during a drop vertical jump task
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2021_199
Authors: David Pak, Beth Warren, Kate Worster
Title: Response surface methodology reveals changing motor control strategies during a single leg squat
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2021_207
Authors: Tishya Wren, Mia Katzel, Veronica Beltran, Adriana Conrad-Forrest
Title: Effect of Autograft Type on Recovery of Knee Extensor Mechanism Function Following Pediatric Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2021_174
Authors: Sylvia Õunpuu, Kristan Pierz
Title: Joint kinetics in understanding possible causes for pain and reduced running performance: a case study
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2021_215
Authors: Mia J Katzel, Adriana Conrad-Forrest, Curtis D VandenBerg, Tishya A. L. Wren
Title: *Similar Biomechanics During Change of Direction in Adolescents with Contact Versus Non-Contact Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2021_88
Authors: Lauren Henry
Title: Social – Improv with Better Than Bacon
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2021_social
Authors: R Tyler Richardson, Ross Chafetz, Jason Long, Stephanie Russo
Title: Advances in Upper Extremity Motion Capture for Clinical Assessment
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2021_breakfast2
Authors: Sophia Ulman, Tishya Wren, Ross Chafetz, Kirsten Tulchin-Francis
Title: Markers, Models and Methods: Technical Factors to Consider When Initiating Clinical Sports Medicine Protocols in Traditionally Non-Sports Clinical Motion Analysis Labs
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2021_206
Authors: Freeman Miller
Title: Diagnostic Clinical Gait Analysis: Where are we and Where should we go?
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2021_keynote2
Authors: Nancy Lennon, Freeman MIller, Wade Shrader, Chris Church, Jose Salazar-Torres, Faithe Kalisperis
Title: Declines in Strength, Motor Function, and Gait in a Child with Cerebral Palsy Following Multiple Botox Injections: A Case Report
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2021_177
Authors: Susan Rethlefsen, Alison Hanson, Tishya Wren, Robert Kay
Title: Calcaneal Sliding Osteotomy Versus Calcaneal Lengthening Osteotomy for Valgus Foot Deformity Correction in Children with Cerebral Palsy
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2021_161
Authors: Tasos Karakostas, Suruchi Batra, Luciano Dias
Title: The relationship between pelvic-hip musculature and functional ambulation in patients with Myelomeningocele
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2021_184
Authors: Alex Tagawa, James Carollo, Zhaoxing Pan, Patricia C. Heyn
Title: The Association Between Gait Performance and Cognitive Function Physical Activity and Functional Ability in Adults with Cerebral Palsy
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2021_193
Authors: Louis Bezuidenhout, Chris Church, John Henley, M. Wade Shrader
Title: The Effect of Medial versus Medial and Lateral Hamstrings Lengthening on Transverse Gait Parameters in Cerebral Palsy
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2021_208
Authors: Chris Church, Isabel Biermann, Nancy Lennon, John Henley, Stephanie Butler, Tim Niiler
Title: The Impact of Preoperative Factors and Surgical Burden on Postoperative Recovery of Walking Activity in Children with Cerebral Palsy
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2021_158
Authors: Jean Stout, Katie Walt, Andrew Georgiadis, Madeline Palmer, Elizabeth Boyer
Title: Understanding Family Priorities Across Functional Levels Using the Gait Outcomes Assessment List (GOAL) Questionnaire
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2021_198
Authors: Anahid Ebrahimi, Michael Schwartz, Jack Martin, Tom Novacheck, Darryl Thelen
Title: Children with cerebral palsy generate minimal net work by triceps surae about the ankle
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2021_205
Authors: Sylvia Ounpuu, Kristan Pierz, Erin Garibay, Gyula Acsadi, Tishya Wren
Title: Stance and swing phase ankle phenotypes in youth with charcot-marie-tooth disease
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2021_154
Authors: Rebecca States, Ellen M Godwin, Lilian Hoffecker, Joseph J Krzak, Mark McMulkin, Yasser Salem, Amy Winter Bodkin
Title: *Instrumented Gait Analysis for the Clinical Management of Children with Cerebral Palsy: A Scoping Review
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2021_63
Authors: Chris Church, Thomas Shields, Nancy Lennon, M. Wade Shrader, John Henley, Tim Niiler, Julieanne Sees, Freeman Miller
Title: *Factors Associated with Walking Activity in Adults with Cerebral Palsy
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2021_68
Authors: James Carullo, Brandon Euker, Amy Bodkin, Aaron Powell, James Carollo
Title: *Evaluation of plantar pressure automated masking and temporal spatial gait parameters in children with spina bifida
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2021_102
Authors: Elizabeth Boyer, Katheryn Walt, Antonio Muñoz, Michael Healy, Michael Schwarz, Tom Novacheck
Title: *Long-term outcomes of femoral derotation osteotomy in individuals with cerebral palsy
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2021_106
Authors: Karen M Kruger, Adam Graf, Ann Flanagan, Peter A Smith, Haluk Altiok, Susan Sienko-Thomas, Cathleen Buckon, Michael Aiona, Gerald F Harris, Joseph J Krzak
Title: *A Long-term Comparison of Lateral Column Lengthening and Medial Calcaneal Sliding Osteotomy for Correction of Pes Planovalgus Deformity in Cerebral Palsy
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2021_124
Authors: Tom Novacheck, Andrew Georgiadis, Jean Stout
Title: Consistent Interpretation of Gait Analysis Data: A Case-Based Quality Assurance Approach
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2021_179
Authors: Peter Quesada, Benjamin Eckert, Jacob Puthoff
Title: Gyroscopic sensors versus optoelectronic motion tracking for evaluating effects on passively unstable surface balance
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2021_160
Authors: Ho-Cheng Lu, Karthick Natesan, Aaron Likness, Yo-Rong Chen, Neeraj Kumar, Steven Sawyer, Charles James
Title: Comparisons of inter-segment coordination stability between leading and trailing obstacle-crossing limbs during walikng in young adults
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2021_203
Authors: Patricia Teran-Wodzinski, Alana Adams, Douglas Haladay, Helena Polansky, Jillian Coury, Lauren Schwab, Ellen Eckelman, Ji Ming, Constance Visovsky
Title: Development of an innovative research ptotocol to assess gait balance and muscle strength among breast cancer survivors with chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy (cipn)
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2021_217
Authors: Lauro Machado Neto , Guilherme Auler Brodt, Carolina Panizzon Santini
Title: Association between pain and patella alta in patients with cerebral palsy and crouch gait
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2021_143
Authors: Austin Skinner, Alex Tagawa, Wade Coomer, Ryan Davenport, Lori Silveira, Sayan De, Jason Rhodes
Title: Effect of Evan’s Calcaneal Lengthening Osteotomy on Foot Progression Angle in Children with Cerebral Palsy
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2021_165
Authors: Bidzina Kanashvili , Freeman Miller, Jason Howard, Kenneth Rogers, Chris Church, Nancy Lennon, John Henley, Tim Niiler, M Wade Shrader
Title: Longitudinal fluctuation of Rodda classification in individuals with Spastic Diplegic Cerebral Palsy
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2021_202
Authors: Raga Madhuri Podugu, Grace Fasipe, Jacob Rammer
Title: A Framework for Community Mobility Assessment using Integrated Smartphone Sensors
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2021_144
Authors: Kate Duquesne, Joris De Roeck, José-de-Jesus Salazar-Torres , Emmanuel Audenaert
Title: Statistical kinematic modeling: current concepts and model validity
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2021_149
Authors: Md Sanzid Bin Hossain, Joseph Dranetz, Hwan Choi, Zhishan Guo
Title: An Ensemble Machine Learning Approach for the Estimation of Lower Extremity Kinematics Using Shoe-Mounted IMU Sensors
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2021_172
Authors: Joseph Mah, Beth Boulden Warren, David Pak, Niamh Mah, Dianne Thornhill, James J. Carollo
Title: Proof of Concept: A Novel Approach to Stride Identification in Inertial Measurement Unit Data using Instantaneous Frequency Estimates
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2021_201
Authors: Brian Brady, Valorie Smith, Sepehr Ramezani, Gabriel Rios Carbonell, Hogene Kim, Hwan Choi
Title: Ankle Assistive Device Stiffness Test: A Novel Method for Quantifying Stiffness of Ankle-Foot Orthotics
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2021_212
Authors: Sepehr Ramezani, Joseph Dranetz , Matt Stock , Hwan Choi
Title: Electromyographic validation of individual muscle contributions predicted in two musculoskeletal models
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2021_213
Authors: Gordon Alderink, Marylee Gowdy, Joshua Griffith, Daniel Swanson, David W. Zeitler
Title: Gender differences in ankle and foot kinematics during treadmill running
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2021_141
Authors: Jose Salazar-Torres, Chris Church, Thomas Shields, Wade Shrader, Stuart Mackenzie
Title: Evaluation of Gait Pattern and Lower Extremity Kinematics of Children with Morquio Syndrome (MPS IV)
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2021_152
Authors: Emily Ready, Jeffrey Holmes, Jessica Grahn
Title: Optimizing gait outcomes in Parkinson's disease: The effects of Synchronization and Groove
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2021_157
Authors: Abdullah Al Jaja, Ken Seergobin, Jessica Grahn, Penny MacDonald
Title: The effect of reducing anxiety on improving freezing of gait symptoms in Parkinson’s disease patients
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2021_169
Authors: Ruthanna McMurtrie, Re'naijah Purvis, Kevin Shen, Ian McGorrey, Nimai Nangunoori, Liz Purcell, Mina Halimitabrizi, Maria Flach, Alberto Esquenazi, Mukul Talaty
Title: Material testing of 3d-printed lower limb prosthetic sockets
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2021_178
Authors: Mukul Talaty, Alberto Esquenazi, Stella Lee, Barbara Hirai
Title: Velocity-Matched Normative Comparison of Gait Patterns of Individuals with Chronic Traumatic Brain Injury
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2021_183
Authors: Manish Gupta, Bhavuk Garg, Nishank Mehta, Rajesh Malhotra
Title: Effects of Posterior Spinal Fusion Surgery on Gait Biomechanics in Patients with Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2021_155
Authors: Mansoo Ko, Mansoo Ko, Adrianna Ellis, Rebecca Galloway, Helen Rogers, Lynne Hughes
Title: Effect of Manual Therapy and Exercise on Motor Strategies During Gait in People with Hyperkyphosis
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2021_189
Authors: Lauren Luginsland, Wilshaw Stevens Jr, Kirsten Tulchin-Francis, David Podeszwa
Title: Temporospatial parameters in pediatric hip pathology patients
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2021_195
Authors: Emma Tomes, Jordan Polk, Anthony Riccio, Jacob Zide, Kirsten Tulchin-Francis
Title: Inter and intra rater reliability of the image based criteria of the foot posture index in pediatric populations
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2021_196
Authors: Wilshaw Stevens, Emma Tomes, Kelly Jeans, Ben Randoing, Sophia Ulman, Kirsten Tulchin-Francis
Title: Functional deficits in the non-operatively treated skeletally mature child with clubfoot: movement quality assessment using accelerometry data
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2021_182
Authors: Luke Nigro, Elisa Arch
Title: Metatarsophalangeal Joint Dynamic Stiffness Increases with Walking Speed and Changes Throughout Terminal Stance
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2021_187
Authors: Lauren Luginsland, Wilshaw Stevens Jr, Kirsten Tulchin-Francis, David Podeszwa, Daniel Sucato
Title: Functional outcomes in acetabular dysplasia patients: a 10-year post-operative case series
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2021_194
Authors: Alex Loewen, Kirsten Tulchin-Francis, Henry Ellis
Title: *Sagittal Plane Motion during Different Squat Tasks in Patients with Femoroacetabular Impingement
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2021_86
Authors: Braden Romer, Wendi Weimar, John Fox, Jaynesh Patel
Title: *The Effect of Augmented Plantar Feedback on Walk Ratios
DOI: 10.52141/gcmas2021_98